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Operation & Maintenance Services

We have been undertaking the services of operation and maintenance on annual contract (AMC), operation & Maintenance Contract (OMC) and Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance (COMC) for the WTG machines installed in Ratlam Madhya Pradesh, Dharapuram Tamilnadu, to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers. Comprehensive AMC service is our main vision to meet the necessity of customers. Expand and accelerate O&M services of different makes of WTGs at various states for its further strengthening is our main motive in the forthcoming years. We gained vast experience in maintenance of various makes of WTGs. To keep abreast with the needs of the customers, we have a dedicated well qualified and experienced group of engineering personnel’s possessing work experience of more than 10 years and we have got a team of well-experienced Technicians and Skilled workers to attend to the day to day electrical and mechanical maintenance works.

HT Line Electrical Services

One of our major and main activity is Electrical work, which covers H.T. Transmission Line work, 1,2 and 2.5 MVA Transformer work, Sub-station bay extension work, EB DP & Consumer DP Structure work, etc…For all its execution relevant and necessary equipment/materials will be also arranged by us, from the reputed and EB’s approved vendors. For all Sub-station works, Third Party inspection will be arranged as per EB norms. One of our highlighting points under this category of work is completed before the stipulated period; thereby we got commendable appreciation from our major customers. Hence our customers prefer to assign Electrical work to “GREENTECHENGINEERS”.

Over Head Line Erection

Route planning and erection of inter link line to connect wind farm and substation of the specific voltage system. Erecting line as per the standard of Indian Electricity Rules of clearances. Using the reputed make of insulators, fittings, conductors, poles etc for the construction of lines.

Hydraulic Service

We are servicing and repairing all the hydraulics of Disc Brake, Wings brake and Pitch controls by supplying required spares such as accumulator, prop.valve, solinoid valve, Needlevalve, Non return valve, Puppet valve, Pressure transducer, hyd-pump, Pressure cylinder, Hyd-hoses etc.

Warranty & Inspection Services

Focusing on your unique needs, our third party and impartial technicians are qualified to conduct inspections on multiple platforms of turbines. Don’t let your warranty run out without taking care of any and all problems from the manufacturer. Our techs can customize an inspection plan which is tailored to meet your needs.

Occasionally, repair and retrofit work must be completed in order for your wind farm to be operating at maximum capacity. This is above and beyond the standard Operations and Maintenance phase including blade repair, generator repair, and gearbox or turbine rebuilding. Our network of technicians can provide all services you require to take care of any warranty work in a timely and cost-effective way.

Operational Excellence

GTE has proven fleet operational excellence through a first-time quality approach to our work, eliminating rework and improving equipment performance. Members of GTE Management have leadership positions in operations, maintenance and outage management across the Wind Electric Generation industry. We are committed to partnering with our customers to align priorities while maintaining environmental stewardship, operational leadership and financial accountability.


Our concern always adopts safety of our Manpower & equipment as well as advocates the rules and regulations of our Customers. Thereby we maintain Confidence & commendable admiration among our clients.